I Won’t—I Can’t Forget

Travelling room to room,
The dust-filled quiet I don’t—I won’t forget.
From shelving, pick a sorry tower,
Lego-built and losing power.
Pictures, stained and dusty now,
Bring memory of a great adventure.
A tiny locket, craving scour,
For emotions sake, I don’t—I can’t linger.
A light switch nears and here I stumble,
On a little boy’s once speeding car.
Walls, once painted, raging red
Faded down—now dull, defeated.
Dust, I try, but soon move on;
Washing windows, I attempt.
In hope to, once more, visit past,
I change light bulbs—long ran dead.
And watching from a speeding world,
The past no longer seems so far.